Welcome to DatingDonts.com


This is a site for all of us to laugh at ourselves as we muddle through our dating lives, committing a multitude of Dating Don'ts.  

There is only one Dating Do:  Be Yourself -- the best version of yourself. 

An obvious Dating Don't is DON'T be cruel.  The REAL you surely isn't cruel!  Are you?  If the answer is "yes," work on yourself before you ever date again!!

Most of the rest of the Dating Don'ts we don't realize we do as we do them, or we just can't stop ourselves.  This is to help us all see the imperfections in ourselves, laugh, become better, and maybe be a little more accepting of ourselves and others as we see that nobody is perfect and most of the Dating Don'ts we do are really just misunderstandings that could be avoided with better communication.


Dating Don't #13:  Don't Assume

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See you next time!  Until then, have FUN in your life!!